Toronto, Canada

Hoang M. Le

PhD in Computer Science, York University, Canada

I am a PhD student supervised by Prof. Michael S. Brown. My research interests are computer vision, image processing, and computational color. Click here to see my latest CV.


  • Mapping RAW images between different camera sensors under arbitrary illuminants. Abdelrahman Abdelhamed, Michael Scott Brown, Abhijith Punnappurath, Hoang Minh Le, Lucy Zhao. US Application, 2023. (Samsung) (submitted)
  • Recovering gamut color loss utilizing lightweight neural networks. Hoang M. Le, Michael S. Brown, Brian Price, Scott Cohen. US Application, 2022. (Adobe) (submitted)

selected publications

  1. CVPR
    GamutMLP: A Lightweight MLP for Color Loss Recovery
    Le, Hoang M., Price, Brian, Cohen, Scott, and Brown, Michael S.
    In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023
  2. CIC
    GamutNet: Restoring Wide-Gamut Colors for Camera-Captured Images
    Le, Hoang, Jeong, Taehong, Abdelhamed, Abdelrahman, Shin, Hyun Joon, and Brown, Michael S
    Color and Imaging Conference 2021
  3. CIC
    Improving Color Space Conversion for Camera-Captured Images via Wide-Gamut Metadata
    Le, Hoang, Afifi, Mahmoud, and Brown, Michael S
    Color and Imaging Conference 2020